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Do we really need each “N” road to have a name?

Following is a response to an owners’ belief that we need each “N” road to have a name: “I feel that each N number road should have it own name. Would make it easier to blend in to the County and postal systems in the future”.
Bruce, Take a look at my blogs’ page seven: “N roads by Township/Ranges”. Your lot is in box 14 – 0 on N6681 which is Steep Hill Drive per the colored map. Imagine you’re on Old Meadow Lane where it turns into Steep Hill Drive (box 13 – N) heading to your lot. That’s N6685 which turns into N6684 which turns into N6681. That’s 3 separate names in less than a mile. Continuing east on Steel Hill Drive, you hit N6667, then 6676, 6675, 6674 and finally 6673 the end of Steel Hill Drive which is a little more than 2 miles for 5 separate road names. This is highly inefficient. These should be combined into one road to be as long as possible from one end to the other.

I’m not sure but I think there are about 200 “N” roads in WVR. This is too many road names to put on an 8.5″ x 11″ map.
We’ve been told the Sheriff’s Department uses the “N’ system to get to their destinations. Imagine a new deputy being given a road map with all “N” numbers having a separate name & being told from one point to another. That’s a difficult task. The “longest road” map would be a similar benefit to owners, visitors, deliveries, emergencies, prospective buyers, etc.
Old Meadow Lane from its’ start at Anazasi has 3 changes before it hits Steep Hill Drive.
It’s been suggested that our road signs include the “N’ number but clearly we won’t have that many different road signs.
As far as fitting into the county & postal systems in the future, we’ll have a road network equal to that of any town. Take St. johns, it has Cleveland Street, Rte. 191 and other though roads and deadends. We’ll have the same. We need the longest roads possible.  We’re working on WVRs’ future.
I hope you agree after reading the above. Again, I appreciate your initial comment. I’m sure others would agree with you but perhaps I can change their minds and yours. This response will be placed on the blog as an answer to your comment.
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Frank Pritchard